Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's a hot pepper, no it's a bell wait you're both right!

Dh found these growing this way in the garden. Apparently I must of planted our green bell pepper plants just a little too close to the hot pepper plants, LOL.

Ella was so cute today (not that she's not cute everyday, she was just extra cute today). *smile* When we got home from grocery shopping and got out of the car she went over and picked me flowers and said "Here these are for you Mommy, happy birthday!" (and no it's not my birthday, she's just really into birthdays these days lol). We took them inside and I told her we'll go put them in some water. She handed them to me and said "Here Mommy, they're thirsty" *giggle*.

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Missouri Mom said...

Those peppers are too funny. Ella is really getting to be a big girl. Brendan went through a Birthday stage, too. He used to have little parties all day long. He was really into making party hats. I have no idea why? lol The flowers are just beautiful.