Thursday, October 9, 2008

100 things

Share 100 things about yourself. :) I got this idea from Analise's blog over at Sugar, Sugar. If you've never checked out her blog please do it's just lovely. *smile*
(And no I don't know her personally or anything, I just thought it was a really cool idea, so I'm stealing it, lol). *wink* And if you have a blog I'd love to see your list. :)
I am Kimberly
1. I love making lists, lol
2. I love, love, love to read
3. I read more non-fiction than I do fiction
4. My favorite colors are white, teal, and pink
5. I'm a romantic at heart
6. I feel more alive in nature more than anywhere else on earth
7. Cooing mourning doves always remind me of camping (it's one of my favorite sounds)
8. I collect vintage aprons
9. I love relaxing with a book, a fancy little china plate full of mini Lorna Doone cookies (gotta love those 100 calorie packs) and a nice steaming cup of hot tea
10. I hate changing diapers
11. I keep a daily gratitude journal to reflect on all the blessings in my life
12. Until I started keeping a gratitude journal I never realized just how blessed I am *smile* I think everyone should try keeping one
13. I think my Grandma is the most amazing woman and hope I can at least be a little like her in this life
14. I am a procrastinator
15. I probably spend too much time online
16. I have a love/hate relationship with t.v.
17. My favorite flowers are lily of the valley
18. My second favorite flower would be pink roses
19. I collect vintage handkerchiefs
20. I love photography
21. I am 5' 2"
22. I have lived in the same state my entire life
23. I would love to live in the country one day and be totally or mostly off grid
24. I love gardening and growing my own food
25. I am very family oriented
26. I love peace and quiet
27. I am an only child
28. I used to want to go to college and become a vet
29. I am so glad I am not a vet
30. I never went to college
31. I like scrapbooking
32. I actually hate the sewing process itself but I love the results (usually that is, lol)
33. I don't know how to read patterns, I gave up trying (maybe one day lol)
34. I gave birth to my 3rd daughter at home in water
35. I collect vintage postcards
36. I love hummus and warm pita bread
37. I love decorating my home
38. I love to snuggle with my girls
39. I have blond hair
40. I have scoliosis
41. I love dark chocolate
42. I am a bit of a loner at times
43. I am a very shy person by nature
44. I have been married for 10 years, 11 in November
45. My favorite magazines are Country Living, Victoria, and Countryside
46. Fall is my favorite season
47. I am addicted to mint chapstick and clear lipgloss
48. I haven't drank anything with caffeine in it for over 11 years
49. I use smilies and the expression lol way too much in my writing, but I don't care :) lol
50. I hate paying retail for anything
51. I recycle and compost
52. One of my favorite places is in my hammock
53. Since I've had kids I can't watch horror/scary movies anymore (used to be all I watched)
54. I have 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 doves
55. My favorite dogs are chihuahuas
56. I like writing letters the 'old fashioned way'
57. I love picnics
58. I have never had a cast before
59. I never change my earrings
60. I love funky necklaces
61. I got married in my Grandmother's church
62. My favorite childhood memory is of sitting in the swing in my Grandmother's garden
63. I have yellow German moonflowers in my yard which bloom at night
64. I used to play piano when I was little
65. I took 5 years of French in school
66. I do not own an i-pod and have no desire to do so
67. I just realized my foot is asleep lol
68. My usual bedtime is at 11pm
69. I like to embroider
70. I am not very good at knitting
71. I used to hate to cook
72. I wish children came with an instruction manual
73. I am not very organized but inspire to be
74. I love to eat (a little too much at times)
75. I love bike riding
76. I only buy comfy shoes
77. I do not like sports
78. I have dyed my hair almost every imaginable color at one point in time
79. I rarely blow dry my hair
80. I don't like clowns
81. I co-sleep with my youngest daughter
82. Hearing the theme song from Frasier once made me throw up while I was pregnant and suffering from "morning" sickness (..."tossed salad and scrambled eggs") *gag*
83. I love thunderstorms
84. I don't like wearing shoes
85. I am a pretty laid back, boring person
86. I love road trips
87. I love the sound of crickets chirping at night
88. I sleep with a sound machine on
89. I've always wanted to live in a commune
90. I love taking nature walks with my family
91. I am easily entertained
92. I have a fondness for quilts and vintage linens
93. I am sometimes a very moody person
94. I would not want to own a giant house
95. I am happy with what I have
96. I've never had a real manicure
97. I really miss my Mom sometimes and wish we had had more time together on this earth
98. I am very close to my Dad and feel blessed to have him in my life
99. I would love to go somewhere where the water is crystal clear and the sand is white before I die
100. I believe in happy endings


Tara said...

Love that list....i'm seeing these all over....i think I need to make a list too...cute idea!

PS thanks for dropping by my bloggy giveaway!!

Naomi said...

What a great list!!!!

thanks for entering my Even June Cleaver giveaway ... what you said resonated with me!!