Friday, November 30, 2007's finally done!

So I finally finished Raven's knitted rainbow colored purse for Christmas. It is my first actual completed knitting project. I have about 4 other knitted projects going on in various stages but this is the 1st to actually be completed. It turned out pretty cute so I hope she likes it.

Now I'm on to a fuzzy blue scarf for another gift. I got quite a bit done on it today during my lunch break. Not sure if I'll get it done in time for Christmas but knitting is relaxing to me, my own form of zen so I'm not going to stress over deadlines. If nothing else it can always be a gift for next Christmas, lol.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Blessings

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We went to my SIL's and BIL's place for dinner. Everyone contributed something to the meal. MIL made the turkey, ham, deviled eggs, and giant sized rolls and brought sweet potato, pumpkin, apple and cherry pie. Raven and I made the sweet potato casserole and scalloped corn, dh made the green bean casserole and greens, and SIL made the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the gravy, and the macaroni and cheese. We ate till we almost exploded.

It was a day full of family, fun, and food. I am so thankful for the people in my life. We are most blessed. :)