Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Highlights

We had a lovely Christmas filled with much family togetherness, food, fun, laughter, and lots of homemade and handmade goodies. Here are a few (okay many...hey I warned you lol) photos from the highlights of our Christmas. :)

the nativity set the girls made

E decorating her cookie

E's evil octopus lol

the Christmas cookie shapes picked by the girls. We have all your holiday favorites here...
the Christmas great white, the Christmas pterodactyl,
even the Christmas gorilla lol. ;)

decorating Daddy for Christmas lol

Beware of Daisy and Hollow... furry protectors of the bow bag

A tiny knitted scarf for G's dolly and my sorry attempt at sewing a coat set for G's doll. I have no idea how to read patterns so just make up stuff as I it could of been worse lol.
The pockets turned out a bit crooked but G loved it nonetheless. :)

Purple fleece coat set for R's doll

pink daisy skirt for G's doll

pink shiny skirt for R's doll

G showing off her doll's new bear jammies

a soft, fuzzy fleece scarf for E's new Dora doll

white fleece slipper boots for G's doll

purple fuzzy fleece slipper boots for R's doll

sewn felt ice cream with glued beaded sprinkles (the glue wasn't quite dry yet when I snapped this picture but it dried clear later on) served in a pretty little vintage glass thrifted egg cup
that made the perfect sized dolly sundae dish :)

another great thrifted find was this a tiny little white pyrex bowl that made the most perfect
little dolly sized mixing bowl for cake and cookie making

mini felt oreos, croissants, and slices of cake served on
a thrifted flower patterned tiny porcelain plate

dolly treats all wrapped up and ready to go

for my bug loving gal E a doll sized buggy apron and potholder and a plate of felt doll cookies

a skull and crossbones doll apron and pot holder set for R

a snowman doll and potholder set for Miss G

and last but not least a cute little framed paper pieced owl print for my SIL Rose.
I love his (as Ella called them) "polka-dottie" wings :)

Hope everyone had a blessed and beautiful holiday season filled with peace, love, and joy. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Me and My Dolly Matching Scarf Set

My girls and their friends love playing with dolls. Raven and Gwen each have a Madame Alexander doll that they absolutely adore. If you're not familiar with the Madame Alexander dolls they are 18" dolls similar to the American Girl dolls but much more budget friendly. :)
For Christmas I decided to make the girls and Raven's BFF each a full sized fleece scarf and a little matching scarf for their dolls. I used the remaining fabric to make them each a tiny matching doll purse and fleece doll hats. :)