Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Today for lunch I decided to surprise Gwen with a special Halloween lunch to take to school. :) So I made her a p.b. and j. Halloween cat sandwich, "spider" hummus sprinkled with paprika, wheat pita triangles to dip into the hummus, a watermelon jack-o-lantern with little watermelon balls, apple juice, and a Reese cup. I included a little note in her lunch too. :)

Unfortunately poor Raven was sick today and missed out on trick or treating, but luckily her sisters got plenty of candy to share with her. Dad dressed in his zombie costume up to pass out candy to the kids. The girls had a lot of fun trick or treating and got quite a haul. Ella refused to let anyone help her carry her candy bucket (I guess she thought we were going to steal her candy, lol) so by the end of the evening she was literally dragging it along the ground but she still refused to let us carry it for her, lol.


Missouri Mom said...

I am loving that lunch. I have a bunch of small cookie cutters that I use to make mini themed sandwiches for McKenna's school lunch. I need to find a Bento lunchbox, it just displays so much nicer. I have been hunting around for one since your last post on them. Any hints where to find one? Little Ella's costume was just beautiful! Such a contrast to Dad's. lol Gwen has a such a personality. Too bad for Raven. That stinks that she had to get sick. Hope she feels better.

Amy Ellen said...

Oh my your little girls costumes are adorable.