Monday, September 29, 2008

Sprucing up the Couch

Our poor couch. It was so pretty when we got it, although when we originally bought it I had picked out a nice dark (although drab) solid color thinking it would camouflage stains well, but when they delivered it it was the wrong color. They had accidentally ordered a beautiful light cream colored one instead of the dark brownish/grey blah color I had picked out at the showroom. I knew I should of sent it back right then. But it was SO PRETTY. I knew it wasn't a wise idea and so impractical, but it was SO bright and pretty and looked SO good in the livingroom. So against all better judgement I decided to just keep it. Silly me. :P So it's only been 2 years since we've had it but the poor thing looks about 20 years old now, lol. Between 3 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats, a dh who manages to spill coffee on it on a regular basis even with a covered travel mug (what we jokingly refer to as the adult version of a sippy cup), and my clumsy self let's just say the poor thing has seen better days.

I have steam cleaned the heck out of it but it still looked well...ugly. We started keeping it covered up with quilts but they would bunch and shift and never stay on the bottom cushions well.

So then I tried a slipcover. It looked nice for a week then the cat threw up on the arm of it bleaching out the color and then the same morning the dog decided to dig a hole through the middle of it *rolling eyes*. So so much for that. I wasn't too upset though because the stupid thing shifted like crazy and wouldn't stay on the cushions anyways. Oh well. Live and learn.

We though about getting a new couch but ruled that out because...well it would just end up looking like our current one in another year. So why bother? LOL.

Dh is still in favor of a plastic slip cover on every piece of furniture we own (think the mother's plastic encased couch on Everybody Loves Raymond). LOL. No thank you.

I thought about it for awhile and finally came up with an idea. Giant pillowcases for the cushions! I can take them off and wash them easily, if I get tired of the fabric I can just make new ones, and it's something I can make myself easily (and etter yet cheaply) even with my limited sewing ability. They didn't turn out too bad and I even made some cute pillows to match.

We'll get a nice new couch once the kids are out of the house or something. LOL.

But for now, it'll do. Plus Ella looks so cute snuggling the pillows. *smile*

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curransmama said...

What a GREAT idea, Kim! So pretty.