Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Dress for Miss Kitty

I spent the afternoon with Miss Gwen in my craft studio. We had such a nice time. She helped me organize all of my little scrapbooking and crafting do-dads (such as brads, clips, buttons, etc.). When I cleared out our kitchen cabinets last week for part of our kitchen remodel I came across a ton of empty or nearly empty glass spice bottles. I washed them all up and decided they would be perfect to organize all the stuff I have in my studio but usually forget to use because I can't see it (or find it lol) easily, so the glass jars were perfect because I can line them all up on my desk and actually see what is in each one. Gwen was so sweet as we were organizing them she looked up at me and said "This is so much fun mommy and do you know what the best part is?" I asked her what and she said "spending time with you.". Melt my heart. *smile*

So after organizing the bottles Gwen decided she wanted me to make her toy kitty a skirt. So she picked out the fabric and a little white ribbon bow she liked and we made Miss Kitty a skirt and a matching lace "shawl".

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