Saturday, March 12, 2011

Signs of Spring

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out in full force. Oh how I have missed the beautiful sunshine! It was pretty windy, but that just made it the perfect weather for breaking out the kite we found thrifting a couple weeks ago. :)

Raven also got a chance to try out her "new" digital camera. She has been really interested in wanting to learn more about photography. We had so much fun taking photos around the yard of all the little signs of Spring that are beginning to show themselves....the tiny crocuses, the daffodils just beginning to wake up from their long winter slumber, and the little lacy Love-in-a-mist plants that are beginning to sprout in the garden.

Grandma came over with her new puppy for a walk and Ella picked tiny bouquets of flowers and we sat in the wooden swing magazines in hand and soaked up the sunshine.

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