Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Homeschool Room

It's amazing how many homeschool supplies, art supplies, craft supplies, chemistry sets, books, and assorted educational stuff you can accumulate in just a few years of homeschooling. They were beginning to take over our tiny livingroom. Not that I mind having globes and oodles of books and maps in our livingroom, I really don't, but we were just running out of room for everything. So we decided to clean out the back room of our house that used to be my craft studio years ago (but has for the past few years just been a catch all room for assorted junk no one knew where to put *rolling eyes*) and turned it into a homeschool room to store the majority of our supplies. It took me a few days of cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and moving around stuff but we finally finished it. The kids love it and apparently so do our cats. LOL :)

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Amy said...

Very colorful and cheerful Kim!