Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Passing of the Dollhouse

I love dollhouse miniatures. I've been fascinated with them every since I can remember. I started collecting them when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I remember going shopping with my Mom at Frank's Nursery and Crafts and they had an aisle of nothing but tiny little dollhouse things....teeny tiny toothbrushes, teeny tiny toothpaste, tiny little dishes and itsy bitsy china cups. It was amazing. Every trip we took to Frank's I would come home with one new prized miniature for my collection.

I had always wanted a big wooden dollhouse so when I was about 10 years old or so my Dad set out to build me the coolest dollhouse. It was wonderful. It had 9 rooms, 2 hallways, and a big front porch. :) I LOVED it! I would play with it for hours and I finally had a proper home for all my minis I had collected over the years. :) I always said I would never part with my dollhouse because one day I would pass it on to my daughter. Little did I know I would have 3 daughters. *grin*

I love my daughters but honestly they are not the most careful, delicate, gentle creatures always. One day they snuck into my dollhouse while hubby was babysitting and I came home to a couple broken pieces of furniture, a few missing accessories and a jar full of mini "blueberries" scattered all throughout the dollhouse. Needless to say I was none too pleased, but I also understood that they were just fascinated with it and just wanted to play with it. I knew they weren't quite ready yet for teeny tiny miniatures and they had their own house...a giant wooden Barbie house that hubby built for them. So I told them one day the dollhouse would be theirs. just not yet lol.

Well finally the day has come. Gwen has been longingly staring at my dollhouse and asked when can we have our own dollhouse? I still don't know how super careful they are but they are much better about things like that now (I hope lol). So we made a deal. Once Mommy could find a "fancy" dollhouse to move all her delicate minis into then I would pass the dollhouse onto them that their Grandpa built over 20 years ago and we would fill it with their very own set of minis. Luckily Grandpa built quality stuff so it is a super solid wood house so it will hold up perfectly.

So the search for Mom's dollhouse began. I didn't realize just how expensive finished dollhouses were until I started searching online.....yikes! What I really wanted was about $500 and it wasn't even painted!! No way. :(

I considered ordering a smaller dollhouse kit and attempting to put it together myself to save money but then I realized I would probably drive myself insane trying to piece together one of those monsters lol. So I figured I would check ebay and low and behold I found a BEAUTIFUL huge dollhouse very similar to the $500 one I had been drooling over. It was constructed from a kit (so not very sturdy for the kids but perfect for all my own minis since I'm not exactly playing with it lol), it still needed a few things like doors and windows, accent trim and painted inside and out but that I could do! And best of all it was only $36!!!!!!!!

I tried not to get too excited because my luck with ebay is not always the best. Someone always comes along at the last second and outbids me or it jumps way out of my 'willing to pay' range. To my benefit the location of the seller was in my area just 30 minutes from me and it was for local pick up only, there was not much description of it, and they had taken the WORST photos of it....there was only one of the front and it was posted sideways. So I was hoping that would deter any potential bidders. I was SO excited when I opened my email tuesday morning and there was an email from ebay stating that I had won the auction on it! No one else had even bid on it!

So yesterday Raven and I drove up to get Mom's new house and then we headed to Hobby Lobby (who just happened to have all their miniatures on sale half price! woohoo!) to get the furnishing for the girls' soon to be new dollhouse. *smile* We had so much fun looking at all the tiny stuff. Raven and I have VERY different tastes but I bit my tongue as she picked out bright orange tiger striped "carpet", a zebra striped "carpet", shiny vibrant sequined fabric and so on. I want their "new" dollhouse to be a reflection of their tastes, their interests, something they will have fun playing with and remember fondly when they are older. Who knows maybe one day they will pass the house on to one of their daughters. *smile*

Pictured below is the front of my new dollhouse, now if I could only find a life sized version for 36 dollars. ;)

inside view of the new house
One last photo of all my minis in the dollhouse my Dad made for me 20 years ago before the new tenants move in and redecorate. *smile*

The girls had so much fun playing with their new house that they happily played together in the toyroom with it most of the night and even spent the night down in their toyroom *smile*

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