Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bye, Bye Bottle Party

So it's official my baby is no longer a baby. *sniff* Today was a milestone as our little Ella said goodbye for good to her bottles. She self weaned from nursing around 18 months but was still very attached to her bottle.

We have been talking about it for awhile now and she finally decided to say good bye to the "yucky" bottles and trade them in for big girl sippy cups. So we threw a "bye, bye bottle" party to say her finale farewells to all her beloved "ba-bas". Ella helped me bake the cake and Raven helped ice and decorate it. Daddy and Gwen helped blow up balloons for the celebration while I wrapped up new sippy cups and a special new cuddly stuffed dolphin (to cuddle with to sleep instead of her bottle at night).

Ella was very excited and said she wanted a candle to blow out on her cake. So Grandma came over for the special celebration and we all gathered around her in the kitchen as she chucked the last of her remaining bottles into the trash can and said goodbye to them. We all applauded and waved goodbye to the bottles as Daddy took out the trash bag and carried the bag outside to the trashcans (so Mom's not so easily tempted to go rummaging through a trash can at 3am if Ella wakes up screaming for a bottle goodness forbid lol).

Once Daddy was back in Ella opened up her presents. She was so excited to see her new sippy cups and blue dolphin and Gwen gave her a little book she had made especially for her called "I Love Family Book". *smile* Then we lit the candle on the cake, the girls sang a goodbye bottle song they had made up and then Ella blew it out and we had cake. Then it was on to dancing in the living room and playing with all the balloons. Time passes so quickly it just amazes me sometimes and catches me by surprise. I still can't believe my little baby is now my little girl. *tears* *smile* Where does the time go?


Missouri Mom said...

Yay, for Ella! She is so sweet. I love this idea, we will have to keep it in mind for my grandboy. I nursed McKenna until she was 2. She was my healthiest kid. Never got sick. She hated bottles. lol Brendan weened himself at 6 months. I was so sad :( I love this idea!

curransmama said...

Yay, Ella! What a big girl. I'm sure the party made the transition easier -- it looks like she had a lot of fun!