Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Miss Clumsy 2007

So I am still the reigning Queen of Clumsiness. All others bow before me and seem more graceful in my presence.

This morning I woke up full of plans, ideas and energy. First it was get the girls off to school, then on to my new exercise DVD that I picked up at the library (so I could be on my way to a new slimmer although clumsy me), then it would be onto crafting....finally tackling the rest of my bountiful Christmas list of handcrafted and homemade goodies for everyone, followed by a relaxing cup of tea, a good book and then lunch. Ahhhhhh.

Never quite made it past the breakfast part though. It all started off so well. We had just gotten the girls off to school without a hitch, the house was clean, I was feeling good, a kettle of water was boiling on the stove just waiting to be transformed into a nice cup of tea, and Brian was at the stove cooking me an egg to make me a yummy homemade egg "mc muffin". All was right with the world.
And then clumsy me as I was making my way toward the refrigerator ended up tripping and falling over and ramming my little pinkie toe right smack into the tip of Brian's giant steel toed boot. I felt a pop, it bent clear to the right, and down I went. All I can say is OUCH, ouch, ouch. Okay I'm sure I probably said a few more choice words than that but I'll just leave it at "ouch" for the sake of tender ears (or I guess that would be tender eyes since this is typed out? Oh well I don't know. lol). Anyhoooooo....needless to say my plans all went flying out the window and I now have a very swollen, ouchie, bruised, crooked, sad looking broken little tosie.

So not looking forward to going to work tomorrow and standing on my feet for hours on end. *pout*

Anyways here a pretty picture of some snowflakes I stitched the other day but never got around to posting. Cause I'm certainly not showing you my ugly toe, lol. ;)

Ok, now off to eat a warm, gooey fresh from the oven chocolate chip Christmas cookie courtesy of the Pillsbury dough boy and my loving hubby Brian. Mmmmmmm. Chocolate always makes everything better.

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