Monday, December 3, 2007

Cozy Monday

The girls were off school today so I decided rather than run myself ragged on my "day off" like I usually do running errands, cleaning house, and trying to keep up with everything and everyone all at once that I was truly going to take the day off today and relax instead. Especially since I've been rather stressed out lately and really need to take the time to relax for a change. The house looks a little messy at the moment. But that's okay.

Instead I spent the day making yummy hot chicken soup from scratch, baking blueberry muffins, curling up on the couch snuggling with Ella in a warm quilt while reading a book, playing Scrabble in the kitchen with Raven (she won by the way), teaching Raven to sew (she made a cute little fuzzy pillow) and hanging out with the girls in my craft studio sewing them little stuffed animals of their choosing (Raven a little pink flowery cat and Gwen a little blue flowered bear).

Gotta admit it's nice to have a cozy Monday rather than a crazy Monday for a change.

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