Sunday, June 3, 2012

Berry Picking

 Today I was happy to discover that our raspberries are finally ripe. :) I noticed when I saw our resident Mama robin happily carrying a juicy ripe red raspberry in her beak to take back to her little feathered babies (pictured below) that currently reside on our front porch hidden among the climbing roses.

 Excited to go and check out the berries we grabbed our bowls and headed out to the berry bushes to go picking. We filled 3 bowls and then headed across the street to my MIL's to pick back raspberries, where we filled 2 more bowls. Then we headed home to make black raspberry cobbler.

   I tried out a new dairy free cobbler recipe since our daughter Gwen is now completely dairy free due to allergies. Unfortunately it didn't turn out too well though (ok, just not great :P), although Gwen absolutely loved it, so I guess it wasn't a total failure. ;) Ella about ate her weight in fresh berries, but I still have enough left to make some raspberry jelly and there are plenty more that should ripen later in the week.                                                

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