Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sun tea & memories

  Today Miss Ella made herbal sun tea using some of the fresh herbs from our garden- chamomile, mint, pineapple mint, & chocolate mint. Not sure how great it will taste but she had so much fun making it who cares. :)

   I love that even at only 5 years old Ella has such a love of plants and gardening. She loves to walk around the yard and identify herbs and flowers in the garden. It reminds me of the time I spent with my Grandmother in her garden as I would follow her around and she would point out various flowers and tell me their names. I am very thankful for that experience and for such a caring, beautiful soul in my life growing up. Every time I smell the sweet scent of lily of the valley or see a happy, little blue bachelor button blooming I am reminded of her and of her love for God and nature. :)

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