Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Calendar Activities

Every Christmas season I have visions of sewing a lovely little handmade fabric Advent Calendar like this one from All Sorts and every year I never get around to attempting to actually make one. lol So I was thrilled when I saw this easy idea on Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Instead of an Advent Calendar filled with candy (although that still sounds yummy, maybe next year lol) you make a list of Advent activities. :)

I didn't have a garland and enough clothespins to make one like she did but I had a pretty little strip of vintage ribbon. So I hung that up in the doorway from our livingroom to our kitchen with a tack and then punched holes in the ribbon using a hand hole punch. Then I used some Christmas themed scrapbook paper and punched out 25 circles to represent each day up until Christmas and then made little wire ornament hangers out of thin gold jewelry wire to hang each one onto the ribbon. Then I took a larger piece of scrapbook paper and wrote out a check list of 25 fun Christmas activities that we would like to do this December and then we can just pick one from the list each day.

Here's a few examples from our list:
- make a gingerbread house
- string popcorn
- take a nature walk
- make Christmas ornaments
- take a drive to see the Christmas lights
- bake and take cookies to the neighbors
- donate to a charity for Christmas
- read a Christmas story together

Then we reused our little "Tree of Thanks" from Thanksgiving and strung tiny lights on it and then for each day in December we will take the corresponding numbered paper ornament off of the ribbon and hang it onto our little holiday nature tree and pick an activity from the list to do together as a family. :)

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