Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello again.....

So dear blog I bet you thought I abandoned you eh? Well I'm happy to report that I'm back dear little blog. It's not that I forgot you... it's well that life was just...well life. Things get crazy busy, stuff happens, life gets lived. Rinse, repeat, and all that jazz.

Well on with the post. *drum roll please* ;)

So today's adventures included my MIL almost tripping over a baby squirrel in our doorway who later ran away with a giant peanut butter and birdseed filled pine cone in his mouth, finding hatching baby praying mantis, incubating chicken eggs, a trip to the park where Raven poked a frog in the butt (don't ask lol), 2 yummy cookouts, the taste of the first lettuce of the season, a crazy game of dodge ball in the front yard (only 2 plants we're taken out...okay well maybe 3), and super duper loaded ice cream sundaes while the sun set in the background *cue music, roll credits*. :)

Ella peeking into the bird feeder where we
found tiny little baby praying mantis
hatching from their cocoon.
Why hello there.
Welcome to our garden,
do stay awhile.

Raven and Ella's p.b. and bird seed pine cones...
a big hit with the bushy tailed crowd

17 new eggs compliments of Dad (thank you Dad!!)
a mixture of Araucana, bantam seabright,
and misc "mutt" chicken eggs into the incubator
*crossing fingers*
1 day down, 20 days to go till hatchin' day! :)

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Missouri Mom said...

Beautiful post, Kimberly. I love the little praying mantis. I am on pins and needles to see if anything hatches. Make sure you post it!