Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Goodbye to Love

I am with heavy heart to report that our female white dove Love passed away
today. :( She was such a sweet dove.

Dh found her. She looked so peaceful like she had died in her sleep at the bottom of her cage. Poor Peace (her mate) looks so lost and confused without his Love to serenade. We had a little funeral in the backyard for Love and buried her next to the lily pond. The girls petted her one last time, said their goodbyes, and left little bouquets of gathered clover flowers marking the spot.

We are going to try and find another mate for Peace, he looks so lonely and lost. Unfortunately I have no idea where to look. Every google, yahoo, etc search for dove breeders in Ohio has came up empty and every pet store I have called does not have any for sale. So for the meantime I think we may move Peace into the livingroom so he's not all alone. Poor dove.

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