Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Adventures in Thrifting

Today I went thrifting and found some great finds.

I have been wanting to get a bicycle for awhile now. I wanted something vintage looking, teal, and inexpensive. So when I saw this at the thrift store today I almost jumped for joy! A great deal at only $25 bucks too!! Now all I need is a little basket for it (yes I know I'm a dork, lol). :)

I also found a cute little teal basket, some pretty flowered embroidered hankies, a cute vintage rose tablecloth, a couple skirts, a heart shaped decorative pillow, and some pretty vintage sheets that I cut up to use for sewing fabric. I made myself a flowered cloth bag with them to carry my library books in.


Fenrisar said...

See Please Here

BrocanteHome said...

I am officially jealous of your thrifting skills!x