Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Eggs

Tonight after dinner Raven, Gwen, and I colored Easter eggs using one of the PAAS egg coloring kits (same kind I used when I was a kid) while Ella napped on the couch with Daddy. We had so much fun. :) We colored about a dozen hard boiled eggs a rainbow of colors. Then we blew out a couple eggs. It's where you carefully (careful being the key word) poke a hold in each end of the egg and blow in the end of it till you about pass out from lack of oxygen and hopefully the yolk and white will come flying out (hopefully into a bowl and not all your kitchen *snort*. Luckily the majority of the eggs landed in the bowl so I saved it to make scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow) and hopefully if you didn't break it then you wash it out and then you've got yourself a hollow egg to dye, decorate and keep forever as a keepsake of Easters past...or until you trip and fall on it and crush it by accident...oops (not naming any names or anything...Raven) or you get so excited you wave it up and down in unbridled glee, shouting "look Mommy, look at my pretty egg!" and accidentally smash it to smithereens on the kitchen tabletop...whoops (Gwen) and then you cry and Mommy helps you make another and then you try and be more careful this time, LOL. Raven was so cute though, she told me "when I have kids I'm going to do this with them". I actually learned how to make them from my own Mom. *smile*
Well we'll see how long the eggs last this time. Hmmm. I'm betting a couple of days at best, LOL. Oh well...who cares, memories are forever. :)

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