Sunday, October 28, 2007

When Life gives you lemons make...pancakes!

It's the end of the month, the bills are all due, the dryer broke down, gas prices are up, and I'm left with a grocery budget of nearly nothing this week. So time to get creative.

The girls had a wonderful time at Boo at the zoo yesterday with their friend. They got to wear their costumes, see lots of animals, and stuff themselves silly with sugary candy. What could be better?

Afterwards they had a "sleep" over here. Although when you put 3 giggly girls in a room together overnight not much sleeping actually takes place, lol. I think they finally dozed off sometime after 12:30am, even after a gentle reminder that Mommy had to be up early to go to work the next morning. What I wouldn't give to have half their energy. *yawn*

In the morning though I realized "uh oh"... we are almost out of milk, out of cereal, out of bread, and are down to 3 lonely little eggs. Ack. What's a girl to do for breakfast??

Raven suggested pancakes. Perfect!

So I made a huge batch of fresh, warm, yummy buttermilk pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes (using what was left of the chocolate chips...apparently a little blonde haired gremlin has been into the bag lol).
Then we made strawberry tea sweetened with honey served in little rose decorated china tea cups and steaming mugs of dark hot chocolate. We set the table with pretty china, put a tiny vase with a single pink and white daisy for our center piece, surrounded it with little lit candles and served ice water in champagne glasses. The girls loved their little candlelight breakfast. The coco puffs were never even missed.

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Rebecca said...

Sounds delightful! You seem like such a great mom and host at that! :)