Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fairy Gardens

Inspired by an adorable fairy garden that Karen, a friend of mine, made for her daughter I decided to make one for the girls to play with. Karen graciously gave us a wee fairy house to paint to get started with our fairy garden. :) Here are the finished results.

After seeing the Fairy Garden I made Raven decided she wanted to make one too. Here's hers. :)

While Googling ideas for Fairy Gardens for inspiration I saw that one of my favorite blogs The Magic Onions was hosting a Fairy Garden competition. Talk about perfect timing! :)


3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Absolutely adorable! You are so, so creative and talented and so blessed!!!!

April's Homemaking said...

Very cute fairy gardens, such a fun activity for kids and parents!!

The Magic Onions said...


This is Donni from The Magic Onions. My children and I loved your fairy garden from last year! I wanted to invite you to participate in our 2012 Fairy Garden Contest. We are accepting entries through August 1st. We look forward to seeing your ~beautiful~ fairy garden! :)

Blessings and Magic,