Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Honey Fest

We had a fun day at the Honey Fest with friends. We taste tested several flavors of wonderful local honey. The lavender infused honey was my favorite, while Gwen liked the lemon verbena honey we bought both. :) Yum! We watched local bee keepers extracting honey, we learned some fun new facts about bees, stopped by a couple area yard sales (I swear Raven can spot them from a mile away lol), and Mikayla even held a bee on her finger while it ate honey. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello, you posted on my blog "mygreengravity" and you mentioned you were in Ohio too....whereabouts? I'm in the NE Ohio area. I see you love all the things I do too! How cool is that!?? Please, drop me a line at I'd LOVE to hear from you...who knows, you may live close by!