Saturday, April 17, 2010

I swear from now on I am wearing steel toes shoes at all times...

Clumsiness strikes again.....I broke and dislocated my pinkie toe last night. Yes, the same exact one I broke a few year ago. Only this time it was left disgustingly sticking out in a lovely sideways manner. Ow, to say the least. :P
I spent my morning and afternoon in an Urgent Care with my Dad getting shot with Nubane and cringing as the doc on call, after 2 attempts, was finally able to get my poor toe back to a more semi-upright position. Yay!

Thank goodness for an awesome Dad who was willing to travel back home from his way to an Amish auction to graciously escort me to Urgent Care. Thank goodness for insurance...I tried popping my toe back into place myself last night and almost vomited from the pain. Not one of my best ideas. And last but not least thank goodness for pain killers.

So obviously no gardening or pretty yard pics were taken today since I spent the remainder of the day sprawled out on the couch with my foot propped up on a pillow watching cheesy romantic comedies from the library and trying to ignore the pain in my toe.

I actually took a picture of my crooked toe before I headed out to Urgent Care, but frankly it even grosses me out to look at it. lol. So instead here are some cute, fuzzy kitty cat pictures I took earlier in the week. Enjoy! :)

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