Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pioneer Cooking

The girls have been studying about the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder and we have been reading The Long Winter together. We have been having so much fun learning about the lives of the early pioneers. We found some great pioneer recipe books at the library and had fun making some of the recipes from them last week. We made homemade butter, blueberry jam, and some yummy muffins.

To make butter first you shake, shake, shake your cream. E took this step VERY seriously....notice the look of intense concentration on her face lol.
Then when E got tired of shake, shake, shaking the jar she passed it on to G for some more shaking. Careful, don't drop the jar!

Then when we sufficiently wore G out (who knew making butter could be such a good workout) she passed the jar on to Miss R for some more shaking (who then got tired and Mommy and Grandma got a turn at shaking).

Once the butter was seperated we poured the contents of the jar into a clean linen napkin to squeeze and strain out all the liquid buttermilk which was used to make pancakes the following morning. E loved the squeezing part (squishin' it as she called it) and viola we have BUTTER! :)

The butter after it was chilled for about an hour. Now ready to serve.

Then it was on to blueberry jam making. R mashed the blueberries and added the water and sugar and everyone took turns stirring it while it cooked. (E and Grandma pictured below)

Mmmmm....the finished product! :)

Then it was on to muffin making! We had a slight disagreement whether we should make plain muffins or blueberry muffins so we decided to make both. Yum!

.....fresh from the oven!

The table all set for a little tea party with Grandma and my girls (candlelight compliments of the candle R made at the Heritage Log Cabin earlier in the month).

What a great way to spend a wintery afternoon. :)

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3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Oh, thank you so much for sharing this post with me! What a wonderful activity---yours was much better than ours, lol. We planned to put some bread fixings in our bread machine before church this morning, but ran out of time, so we ate crescent rolls with our butter, lol. Still very tasty and such a treat for our family!