Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My girls were all summer babies so each summer we throw one big birthday party for them all to celebrate with friends and family. We still celebrate each of their actual birthdays separately too, but on a much smaller scale. On their actual birthday we make a cake and have a special dinner of their choosing just the 5 of us all cozy like. :)

This year they chose an ocean theme for their birthday party. Our friend Cathy so graciously offered to host the party at her beautiful home for us since she has a pool and thought the kids would have fun having a pool party. It was so nice. :) We decorated the dining room in dolphins, whales, seashells, and fish decorations. I painted a big fish on posterboard for a 'pin the tail on the fish' game and made a whale "cornhole" game where the kids could throw "fish" (blue bottle caps with fish painted on them) into the whale's mouth. The girls had a blast decorating fish with glitter glue to hang on the ceiling and I per Ella's request baked a fishy cake with pink icing and m and m scales. :)

Poor little Ella came down with a fever later in the day and slept through most of the party but luckily she didn't seem to mind since we saved her a piece of cake and sang happy birthday to her and she played with her gifts when she was feeling better the next day. All in all though the party turned out pretty well and it was so nice to get to visit with friends and family although hopefully next year little Miss Ella will be awake for the festivities.

Ella at our house before the party smelling the moon flowers :)

the dining room all decorated for the party

the paper glitter fish the girls made

Raven opening gifts

Raven and Gwen blowing out their candles

Miss Rowan...such a cutie!

Mikayla and Raven (they have been friends since they were babies)

Gwen testing the water

and last but not least the cake :)

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Lindsey said...

What a great idea! I wish that I could have my kids' parties all together!