Monday, February 23, 2009

Our hot chocolate party

This morning Gwen asked me if we could have a tea party after school. As much as I adore sipping tea and a good tea party unfortunately my tea loving gene bypassed the majority of my offspring (Ella is truly my only real tea lovin' gal) so we opted instead for a hot coco "tea" party. :)

So our dinner tonight consisted of homemade fruity almond chicken salad (which Ella and Gwen helped make) on croissants, an assortment of yummy fresh fruit, heart shaped colby cheese slices, mini brownie bites, iced cheese danish triangles, and of course hot coco with lots of marshmallows. Mmmmmm.

Afterwards we had fun playing Pictionary Jr together (which I found at the thrift store today for $2.91 woohoo!) and then the girls and I spent the rest of the evening cuddled on the couch going through a French children's picture dictionary (another thrift store find!) slaughtering the French language lol (although those 5 years of French I took are slowly starting to come back to me now...gee my French teacher would be so proud...well maybe not lol) and Raven spent the remainder of the evening giggling about learning the French word for butt (derrière) and attempting to use it in sentences *rolling eyes*. Kids, lol. :D

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