Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Snowy Weekend

As much as I hate to drive in the stuff (and for good reason we slid 3 times picking up Raven from her holiday party...ack!) I do have to admit snow does make everything look so pretty and peaceful. The girls had a ball playing in all the snow all this weekend. We bundled them up until they all looked like fluffy, colorful marshmallows and then turned them loose in the yard. I stayed indoors and made big pots of hot broccoli cheddar soup, baked rolls, chicken salad, and hot tea. The soup was a big hit and they actually ate ALL of it (usually when I make it they say ewwwww, lol).

Today Ella and I planted paperwhites. I can't wait for them to bloom. :) I've always wanted to plant some for winter but every year I never get around to actually planting any so I'm so excited to finally have some this year. Ella was so cute she helped me fill little tea cups and bowls with the planting medium and then she would put the bulbs in and help cover them up. She was so proud of herself afterwards she kept walking around saying "I'm a good planter". *smile*

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Missouri Mom said...

My kids would be so jealous of the snow. They are itching to go sledding and build snowfolk. My daughter Ashton, would LOVE your soup. She used to eat broccoli and cheese soup by the buckets. Little Miss Ella is so sweet, and looks every bit the seasoned "planter". lol